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Projects and management

  • Urban feasibility analysis.
  • Topographic survey.
  • Georeferencing and cadastral management.
  • Geotechnical Analysis
  • Basic Project.
  • Implementation project.
  • Safety and Health study.
  • Health and Safety Plan.
  • Waste Management Plan.
  • Construction management.
  • Material execution direction.
  • Coordination of safety and health.
  • Quality Control.
  • Energy certification.

Taxes and licenses

  • Application for the works license and payment of the fees.
  • Tax on buildings, installations, and works (ICIO).
  • Management with public administration bodies.
  • Request and payment of the first occupation license fee (LPO) (LPO).
  • Process management with supplier companies.


  • Reinforced concrete foundation with slab or insulated footing on soils with slopes of 3% or less – subject to revision according to geotechnical study.
  • Ditches and ground pipes for connection to sewerage, water and electricity supply lines.
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Ventilated sanitary floor type.
  • Facade and exterior cladding.
  • Interior drywall or similar.
  • Perimeter sidewalk of 1 meter and formation of porch area of 4 meters from the facade.
  • 10 meters of fencing in main facade with exposed block wall and access doors for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Exterior carpentry and insulating glass.
  • Interior wood carpentry: passage doors and wardrobe fronts.
  • Plumbing installation considering existing supply pressure.
  • Sanitation equipment and ventilation fitting.
  • Installation of ACS with solar support.
  • Installation of electricity appliances with existing power supply.
  • Telecommunications and internet network installation
  • Interior finishes.
  • Equipped and furnished kitchen with extractor fan, induction hob and led lighting.
  • Bathrooms and lavatories furnished with toilets, taps, bath screens, led lighting and a mirror.
  • Pre-installation of air conditioning.
  • Projects with basements have them built rough-in.


What our clients think about personalHOME

Professionalism, friendliness, and incomparable prices. Highly recommended

Carlos Romero Marti

I came to them because the idea seemed very original to me. I was treated very kindly. Advisable.

Angela Fernandez Alamo

Excellent service and quality. The ‘closed price’ system includes everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Thank you!

Lidia García Climent

Serious and professional developer with a focus on details and customer satisfaction, both during and after the construction process.

Highly recommended for those who wish to build their own home.

Hans Kristian Haug

Responsiveness and punctuality

I was very impressed with Miguel’s professionalism and his customer-centric approach.

personalHOME offers an excellent and transparent presentation of its services in a friendly and thorough manner.

I cannot comment on factors such as quality and value, as I am not in a position to do so at this stage. However, I would expect these characteristics of the company to be of a very high level due to my interaction with Miguel and the useful opportunity to customize the future design on the company’s website.

Tom Sawyer

personalHOME, with the excellent guarantees


personalHOME, with the excellent guarantees



We only work with the best professionals and the best brands.


We only work with the best professionals and the best brands