The most coveted plots of land on the Costa Blanca

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The Costa Blanca continues to be one of the best areas for real estate investment due to the interest it arouses for both foreign and national investors. Yet, which are the most sought-after municipalities?; where is the greatest demand? and where is the price per square metre the highest?

If we were to make a simple analysis we could say that the most coveted plots of land on the Costa Blanca are those close to the sea, but this would be too vague when considering that the province of Alicante has 244 kilometres of coastline.

Another conclusion drawn from the analysis of one of the most popular real estate portals is that the euro/square metre ratio increases significantly when it comes to more consolidated areas, but with few plots available, where the building coefficient is high and, as a consequence, fewer metres are needed to build.

The top five areas in the province of Alicante are to be found in the cities of Alicante, Orihuela, Denia and Benidorm. In particular, the most expensive plots are in Cabo de las Huertas where plots are priced at around 852€ per m². The neighbourhood, its close proximity to the city centre, the privileged views and the grand tradition of large villas by the sea, have a considerable impact on these prices. Likewise, Alicante Golf occupies second place in the ranking of land prices with a ratio of 739€ per m². This area of the city of Alicante began to be developed at the end of the 20th century, in the early 21st century, and still has plots available, of a small size given that the PGOU (General Plan for Urban Zoning) establishes 500 metres as the minimum plot size for construction.

Moving further south, plots in Orihuela Costa, particularly popular among Russian investors, have reached high price levels, with the average price at 630€ per m².

Les Marines in Denia, at 590€ per m², and Rincón de Loix in Benidorm, with plots at almost 450€ per m², complete the top 5 most expensive areas to acquire a plot of land for single-family homes on the Costa Blanca.

Traditionally our province’s coast is highly appreciated by European and foreign citizens who come to settle here, making the formation of well-known communities of foreigners such as Altea Hills, where even a striking orthodox church has been built. There is also Alfaz del Pí, with an extensive Norwegian settlement, and other towns such as Denia, La Nucia and the aforementioned Orihuela Costa.

However, the locals are also opting for such investments, creating residential neighbourhoods, with the amenities and facilities that this implies Thus, many municipalities in the province are made up of local people such as Almajada and Ravel in Mutxamel, Lloixa and Capiscol in San Juan, Vistahermosa in Alicante, Maitino and Balsares in Elche or Los Girasoles and Haygón in San Vicente, just to name a few of the most popular locations for the construction of villas and chalets.

Anyway, every corner of the Costa Blanca has an area to offer an exquisite setting in which to build a single-family home. At personalHOME we are always “on the hunt” for plots of land that may be of interest to our clients both for their location and their urban characteristics. That is why we only focus on plots of land that are suitable for building detached or semi-detached houses. (Why? have a look at our post «How can you be sure that your land is suitable for building?»).

If you don’t have a plot of land, in our catalogue you will be able to find one that meets your needs.

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