There are three key factors in any investment product.

At personalHOME we control these elements to minimise any risk, especially in a real estate market with so much competition and so fickle.

We study each operation, offering the client a viability plan based on our knowledge of the sector and the area.

Get to know our investment products and if you have an idea and do not know how to develop it, our team of professionals will help you with this ad hoc project, studying its profitability and offering a turnkey service at a fixed price.

We take care of everything.

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Invest in the Costa Blanca

High profitability

We constantly analyse the real estate market on the Costa Blanca and find products with high profitability for our investor clients.

Qualified professionals

We have a team of professionals with great technical, legal and market knowledge, who review all the details of the investment product.


Every investment involves a series of phases and processes in which the investor will be fully supported by personalHOME, the result of a true turnkey service.

An exclusive project in Altea Hills

Luxury condominium in Vistahermosa

4 semi-detached houses with their own plot

New tourist appartments in the old quarter of Alicante

A tourist investment project

Benidorm, a tourist place to build a hotel

3 villas with swimming pool in La Font

Waves on the seafront in Campello

A design façade in the centre of Alicante

Ficus, a residential project


Investing in real estate in Alicante can be attractive for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons to consider this option:

  1. Tourist market: Alicante is a major tourist destination in Spain. The beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate and tourist attractions mean that the region attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. This creates a constant demand for holiday rentals and properties to buy, which can be beneficial for real estate investors.
  2. Retirement: Many foreigners, particularly retirees, choose Alicante as their place of retirement. The combination of a pleasant climate, relatively low cost of living and excellent quality of life attracts people from all over the world. This generates a sustained demand for retirement housing and property.
  3. Residency programmes. Spain offers residency programmes for foreign investors, such as the “Golden visa,” which allows investors to obtain Spanish residency through the purchase of a property for a certain value. This can be an additional incentive to invest in Alicante real estate.
  4. Appreciation potential. Although housing prices may vary, in general, Alicante has experienced a steady increase in property values over the years. This can offer opportunities for long-term capital appreciation.
  5. Long-term rental: In addition to the holiday rental market, Alicante has a community of expatriates and local professionals looking to rent properties on a long-term basis. This can provide a steady income for investment property owners.
  6. Growing infrastructure. Alicante has experienced steady development in terms of infrastructure, including the expansion of roads, airports and services. This improves accessibility and quality of life in the region, which may attract more investors and buyers.
  7. Affordable cost of living. Compared to other countries in Europe, the cost of living in Alicante is affordable. This can be an important factor for people looking for an investment property or a second home.

Hiring personalHOME (Project Manager) to manage your property investments can offer numerous advantages and can be a smart decision for a number of reasons

  1. Experience and expertise: staffHOME has experience and expertise in the management of real estate projects. This includes planning, execution and monitoring of project phases, as well as problem solving and risk management. Our experience can help avoid costly mistakes and ensure that the project runs efficiently.
  2. Time savings: Managing a real estate investment can be a complex and time-consuming task. personalHOME takes care of the day-to-day management tasks, allowing you to focus on other areas of your life or business.
  3. Cost management: personalHOME can help you manage and control project costs. This involves budgeting, identifying and mitigating unexpected costs.
  4. Contractor and supplier management: Coordinating and supervising contractors and suppliers is a critical part of real estate project management. personalHOME can select the right contractors, negotiate contracts, and ensure that deadlines and quality standards are met.
  5. Contractor and supplier management: Coordinating and supervising contractors and suppliers is a critical part of real estate project management. personalHOME can select the right contractors, negotiate contracts, and ensure that deadlines and quality standards are met.
  6. Risk management: Real estate projects often face unforeseen challenges. personalHOME is trained to identify and manage these risks effectively, minimising negative impacts on the project.
  7. Effective communication: personalHOME serves as a central point of contact for all parties involved in the project, including owners, contractors, architects, local authorities and other stakeholders. This ensures efficient communication and avoids misunderstandings.
  8. Maximising return on investment (ROI): personalHOME can help you optimise the ROI of your real estate investment by efficiently managing project costs, time and quality.
  9. Networking: personalHOME has a wide network of contacts in the construction and real estate industry, which can be valuable for selecting suppliers, obtaining financing and resolving problems with the administration.

In short, personalHOME can provide you with the experience, efficiency and control necessary to ensure the success of your real estate investments. by efficiently managing project costs, time and quality.

Investing always has risks but the most important thing is to try to minimise them as much as possible.
The most important risk for any real estate investor is the loss of profitability due to an increase in the expected costs.
In any real estate investment, regardless of the cost of the plot/plot/building or real estate, it is the construction cost that represents the highest percentage.
personalHOME is part of the Grupo Renovak Building Company (
Two large construction companies with extensive experience participate in this group:

personalHOME relies on the construction companies of its group of companies to guarantee prices to the final consumer, i.e. the investor. personalHOME offers a FIXED PRICE contract, which means that the profitability of the investment is guaranteed.

The main difference is that personalHOME has two construction companies within its business group, being able to guarantee a FIXED PRICE from the beginning.

Having control over the construction company is indispensable in any real estate investment.

  • Property developments of single-family and semi-detached houses
  • Property developments of multi-family high-rise buildings
  • Building development for:

– Tourist flats

– Rent to built

– Hotel / Hostal

– Coliving

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