New tourist appartments in the old quarter of Alicante

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Profile: Bajo demanda
Status: En construcción

This building is at the intersection of San Nicolás and San Pascual streets. It dates to the 30’s and it has 3 floors and just over 500 square metres. Grupo Renovak Building Company is carrying out the refurbishment work consisting of reinforcing and consolidating the existing structure, modifying the rooms on all floors to distribute the different rooms, and updating the installations and finishes, adapting them to current regulations. normativa vigente. Furthermore, the building will be extended by adding a new building.

According to the Special Plan APA 1 Old Town (PECA), the building has all the elements of its façade catalogued and protected, so the action will consist of returning the wrought iron railings to their original state; the wainscots, the cornice and the limestone mortar coating will be reconstructed; and the carpentry of all the floors, currently in very poor condition, will be replaced by new PVC ones according to the original model of the building. The new façade, which will form part of the building envelope, will be treated as an independent element, although in keeping with the conservation of the protected façades.

A little more than 14 months lie ahead to restore the splendour and functionality of this building which will house two commercial premises on the ground floor and 12 flats, 3 per floor of between 40 and 46 square metres with double bedroom with en suite bathroom, living room and open plan kitchen.