Gabriel Aguado

Financial savings were the main reason for choosing Residencial Zenit.

Gabriel Aguado will be moving into his new home in less than four months.

He is one of the 11 cooperative members of Residencial Zenit, the first cooperative set up by personalHOME in the province of Alicante..

This is her testimony of the whole process

What made you decide to become a member of a housing cooperative?

It was really a bit fortuitous. I didn’t know that the promotion was done through a cooperative.

What do you think is the main advantage?

That you don’t pay The developer’s profit edge

Of all the functions carried out by personalHOME as manager at Zenit, which would you note?

I think the commercial service is good.

What made you choose Zenit over other housing cooperatives active at the time?

I didn’t choose Zenit over other cooperatives, but I did choose Zenit over other developments. In this case, the location, the shape of the houses, the garage, the design, etc.

Let’s talk about the design, what do you like most about your house? What would you have improved the project?

I like everything in general. The garage is a success and the garden too.

Now that you are a few months away from being able to move in, how would you describe the process from the moment you found Zenit until now?

Not long ago they were marking the land and now we are months away from moving in. Exciting. Exciting.

How would you rate the management carried out by personalHOME? What has been the most positive aspect? What would you say are the points for improvement?

Very good. The treatment has always been very good and there are no complaints.

Do you think that without the support of a management company like personalHOME the result would have been the same?

I don’t think so.


Real written testimony from a cooperative member

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