The 2 major advantages of automation in the construction industry


Construction is one of the most corseted and rudimentary sectors that, however, is undergoing an important revolution thanks to the use of automation in the different stages of the construction of a house.

In personalHOME we show you how automation affects our work and the 3 main advantages of automation compared to traditional construction:

1. Prefabrication in construction

This technique consists of manufacturing building components in a controlled environment and then assembling them at the construction site. This introduces a high degree of efficiency and precision into the construction process.

In addition, the standardization of prefabricated elements facilitates assembly, significantly reducing construction times. Components are also manufactured to a higher quality, resulting in more robust structures that are less prone to problems such as leaks, cracks and deformations.

Prefabrication contributes to the sustainability of construction projects by minimizing material waste, reducing on-site energy consumption and reducing waste generation.

2.Building automation in construction

This technology makes it possible to control and manage various home systems and devices remotely or automatically, creating a personalized environment tailored to the needs of each user. Home automation makes it possible to control everything from lighting, air conditioning and household appliances to blinds, locks and security systems, all from a smartphone, tablet or even with voice commands.

Security is one of the main advantages of the building, as the devices allow monitoring the home in real time, detecting intrusions, gas or smoke leaks, and even alerting the authorities in case of emergency. In personalHOME we also integrate home automation in our construction processes, optimizing the stages and increasing the safety of the constructions and workers.

Another advantage of home automation is energy efficiency and economic savings. Domotic systems can adjust lighting and air conditioning depending on the presence or absence of people, the time of day or the season of the year; optimize the use of household appliances; and take advantage of solar energy or renewable sources.

Conclusion: Automation, as has already happened in other sectors, is revolutionizing construction. The industrialization of construction processes, such as the prefabrication of components and structures, increases efficiency and final quality. Safety and energy efficiency are other aspects that are achieved with automatic processes such as home automation.

personalHOME has been using technology, automation, home automation, artificial intelligence, etc. for years, always with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

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