The 3 best beaches to enjoy the summer in Dénia

With 20 km of coastline, Denia has become one of the reference points to spend the summer and enjoy its wonderful beaches. With more than 43,000 inhabitants, this town in Alicante is a tourist destination of great interest, both for its wide range of offers and for the high quality of its products.

There are still days of summer left to enjoy the Mediterranean in all its splendour. Watching sunsets while sitting on the sand or snorkelling while you get to know the typical species of the area. But what are the 3 beaches that are a must on your itinerary?

Punta Negra Beach

With approximately 1,400 metres of extension, Punta Negra Beach is one of the most visited beaches by tourists and locals alike.

Located in the area of Les Rotes, at kilometre 2.1, this beach is characterised by its clean and clear waters, ideal for swimming and water sports.

Despite its popularity, it is one of the least crowded areas of the coast and tends to be quieter. It is a good place to relax and enjoy the sounds of the sea and nature.

The beach is surrounded by cliffs, which adds a picturesque touch to the landscape.

Its name is mainly due to the fact that its rocks are of dark, almost black tones. This particularity is due to the abundant plant remains that come from the nearby shallow meadows of Posidonia oceanica, a well-known underwater plant.

Las Marinas Beach

This unique spot in Denia has 4 kilometres of fine golden sand, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the summer season.

The waters are generally shallow and calm, making it an ideal choice for families with children and for those who are not expert swimmers.

One of the strong points of this spot is that it has been awarded the Blue Flag, a recognition given to beaches that meet high standards of cleanliness, safety and services.

A variety of water activities are available, such as windsurfing, paddle surfing and water skiing. There are also options for renting equipment and taking lessons for those who wish to learn or improve their skills.

Marineta Casiana Beach

Also known as Marineta Cassiana, it is located to the south of the town of Dénia and is the closest beach to the town centre. This lovely sandy beach has been awarded on several occasions with the prestigious Blue Flag, which recognises its excellent quality and services.

As of 2020, the southernmost part of Marineta Casiana Beach, also known as Marge Roig, has been designated as a “smoke-free beach“. This means that smoking is strictly forbidden in that area, making it the only stretch of the entire Dénia coast with this smoking regulation.

From 2021, right in the middle of the Marineta Casiana Beach promenade, you can find a charming wooden hut that houses the Biblioplatja, so you can enjoy a good read while you rest.

As well as enjoying the beach, visitors can take advantage of the hiking trails that stretch from Marineta Casiana Beach towards Cape San Antonio, offering stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding landscape.

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