The 3 best coves in Jávea

La Cala En Caló: A salt-water spring

This paradise has become the perfect setting for water sports such as paddle surfing and kayaking. It is also a perfect cove for snorkelling. 

But that is not all. This area holds a secret. Behind a rocky outcrop, in the cliffs between Ambolo and Granadella, a cave is hidden. 

As it is not accessible by land, the area is not very crowded. In fact, a couple of years ago it was not even marked on smart maps.

However, as it is hidden, care must be taken when accessing it and several factors must be taken into account. The main one is the state of the sea, as many people venture out and end up getting lost and being rescued. The most common thing to do is to hire an excursion to enjoy this Alicante paradise.

Cala Granadella: Turquoise and Emerald Colours

Located just over 10 kilometres to the south of Jávea, we find another of the wonders of the locality: the Granadella cove. It belongs to the green lung of the area: the Granadella Forest Park. One of the paradises of the Costa Blanca. 

Unlike the other two mentioned above, this location is easily accessible by a small secondary road, with a parking area.

It is one of the best known beaches in the area, even in Spain, as the crystal clear water and turquoise tones make it unique in the area. 

As it is easily accessible, it has become a crowded area. So we recommend going early in the morning to make room. 

Do you want to live near these paradises?

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