Why is Mutxamel one of the best residential areas to live in?

Are you looking for a residential area to live in the province of Alicante? Without a doubt, you are in the right place. Sun and mountains. Paradise for everyone. But, you still haven’t decided on a specific area? Hopefully this post can help you.

Today we will talk about Muchamiel, a municipality in the province of Alicante, which in recent years has become one of the favourite places to buy a plot of land and build your own home. If you still don’t know this residential area of the province…. You’re sure to fall in love with it!

Location and Accessibility

Being close to Alicante, residents of Mutxamel can benefit from a wide range of amenities, such as hospitals, educational centres, shopping centres, restaurants, and other essential services.

Another attractive aspect of Mutxamel is its relative proximity to the coast. This location allows residents to easily enjoy the region’s beaches, which are known for their crystal clear waters and scenery. The ability to quickly access the coast can be an important factor for those who value the Mediterranean lifestyle and wish to enjoy activities by the sea.

But if you are more of a mountain person, don’t worry. Mount Calvario and Mount Orgegia are close by to enjoy nature and do fun routes with family or friends.

Versatility of houses and plots

Mutxamel offers a wide range of housing options to suit the different needs and preferences of residents. You can find everything from flats and flats to detached houses. This diversity of options allows future residents to choose the home that best suits their lifestyle.

Mutxamel, being a residential area, often provides a peaceful and pleasant environment for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

In addition, there are building plots available for you to build your dream home.

Peace of mind

Mutxamel, with approximately 27,000 inhabitants, offers a noticeably more peaceful environment compared to the bustling capital, which has a population of 349,282 according to the latest census. The presence of an extensive tourist offer in the town, the proximity to the university and other factors contribute to the fact that Alicante, at times, is a little saturated and far from the sense of tranquillity that Muchamiel provides.

What are the things to do in Mutxamel?

Muxtamel offers a rich tourist experience with highlights such as the Plaça Nova, the Plaza de San Roque, and the Paseo de la Constitución with the monumental Casa Ferraz and the Iglesia del Salvador. The Ravalet neighbourhood reveals the Arab influence in its streets, with the Convent of San Francisco and hermitages such as Calvario and Montserrat.

The local gastronomy stands out for its beans and wood-fired bread, and various festivities, such as La Vera Cruz and Moros y Cristianos, are ideal times to visit. For lovers of active tourism, Muxtamel offers natural landscapes, recreational areas and the opportunity to explore the local flora in the Bec de l’Àguila.

Have we made your decision to look for your place in the province of Alicante a little clearer? From personalHOME we put at your disposal our team to solve any doubt you may have, get in touch and let’s start working hand in hand!

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