New construction Vs second hand: Why choose new construction?


Deciding to buy a home is one of the most important decisions in the life of a person or family. Among the different options available, the choice between new construction and buying a second-hand home often generates doubts. Although both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, in personalHOME we want to explain the reasons why choosing to build your own home is the best decision.

Innovation and personalization

One of the greatest benefits of new construction is the ability to innovate and customize every detail of the project. From the architectural design to the materials used, everything can be selected according to the latest trends and specific needs of the client.

In addition, the latest technologies for the home, such as home automation, security systems and energy efficiency, can be incorporated from the beginning.

In this customization, personalHOME is a pioneer and has a configurator where its customers can customize their home knowing the cost of each of the elements it personalizes.

Long-term investment

Unlike older constructions, which often require constant renovations, repairs and maintenance, new constructions have lower maintenance costs. New construction tends to be located in areas with more urban development and services, offering a more modern and attractive environment. This increases the value of modern and new construction, which means a higher appreciation in the event of a future sale.

Safer homes

Building regulations are continually evolving to improve the safety of homes. When building from scratch, the latest safety regulations and construction standards are integrated. This includes advanced fire systems, earthquake-resistant structures and occupant safety measures, providing a safer and more reliable environment. Recent construction minimizes the risk of structural problems, moisture or construction defects.

Energy Efficiency

New homes can be designed to meet the most stringent energy efficiency standards, reducing energy consumption and thus long-term operating costs. New construction incorporates sustainable practices and eco-efficient technologies, reducing the environmental impact of housing, as opposed to second-hand homes that were built under laxer criteria than today. In conclusion, opting for a new construction project is a smart decision for those looking for a modern, efficient, safe and personalized home. The situation of the excessive prices of the second-hand market, added to the savings in construction costs due to the integration of automation in the personalHOME constructions, makes new construction housing a great investment for the future. If, in addition, to all these advantages, we add the value-added service of “Key in hand, closed price”, clearly the option to choose is the new construction work.

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